Champaign Bathroom Remodeling

For great looking bathrooms, homeowners in the Champaign, Illinois area are fortunate to have a local, experienced bathroom remodeling company such as Kodiak Improvements Inc. We have been dedicated to bathroom remodeling with the highest standards. We’ve been in the business of bathroom renovations for over 15 years, helping people to transform their bathrooms with a distinct focus on design, functionality, and innovation. We proudly provide high-quality bathroom remodeling and renovation services that can create a lifestyle space that goes above and beyond your expectations. Trust in Kodiak Improvements Inc to create the perfect custom bathroom remodeling to fit your needs and budget.

Not only can we provide you with style and design options, but we also offer quality materials for you to choose from, including granites, travertines and fine woods for your cabinetry remodeling.

The benefits of renovating your bathroom are numerous. Whether you're looking to replace faucets and convert your old tub into a shower, or you're looking to find ways to maximize the space in your bathroom, you can depend on our experts to design the perfect bathroom for your home. We will work personally with you to assess your needs, wants, and budget and find the cost-effective design plan that works for you.

We proudly offer bathroom Remodeling in Champaign that come with these benefits and more:​

  • Experienced contractor in bathroom remodeling and design 

  • Custom built bathroom remodeling solutions

  • Thickest, non-porous acrylic in the industry

  • Unlimited range of designs and colors

Champaign Bathroom Renovation Services

Your bathroom not only has to look luxurious and appealing but it also needs to be functional. This is precisely why Kodiak Improvements Inc use only the highest quality, non-porous acrylic in our bathroom remodeling and renovation projects. Whether you’re looking to update your bathroom or create a relaxing spa feel we have the products and the experience to achieve it.

What you can expect with a bathroom remodel:

We work with you one-on-one to design your new bathroom. Once your bathroom design and materials are confirmed, the remodeling process can begin. Within a few hours we remove everything in your old bathroom. We repair any existing problems, and modify as needed to accommodate your new bathroom design.

You’ll be amazed how quickly we can patch and texture the walls, install new bathroom cabinets, counter tops, and lay new flooring.

If you're ready to get started on your upcoming  bathroom renovation, call Kodiak Improvements Inc today to speak with a design specialists. You can also fill out our online form to request your free, in-home consultation. 



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